I am Bishop William B. Caractor, Presiding Prelate of Discovered Being Ministry, Incorporated.  Also, a Civil
Rights Activist in housing for over 35 years.

I have worked with Mr. Stanley Seinfield, Director, Mr. Ed Delgado (Intake Specialist) of Fair Housing and Equal
Opportunity office which is under Housing Urban Development located at 26 Federal Plaza, New York, New
York.  I have also worked with  Mr. James Buday of The Atlanta Regional Office of Housing Urban Development
and many others within the department located in Washington D.C.

During the 80’s and 90’s I filed many suits in the US District Courts (Middle district, Tampa, Florida, Eastern
District, Central Islip, New York on behalf of those who felt they were being discriminated against based on
race, color, religion and familial status and handicap.

I would like to introduce you to the ministry as well.  Discovered Being Ministry, Incorporated is a not-for-profit
organization as defined under section 501© 3 of the Internal Revenue Tax Code. Having received our letter of
determination granting 501© 3 status in 1995.  We are incorporated in the state of New York , South Carolina
and Florida.

In 1995, 1999, 2005, 2006 and 2008, I personally filed suits in the US District Court alleging violations of the
1983 Civil Rights Act or The Fair Housing Act. Other suits were filed in the US District Court Middle District in
Tampa , Florida.

Two  lawsuits having case #s 06-CV-5299 and 07-CV-8069 were settled out of court. These suits alleged that the
New York City Department of Homeless Services violated the First Amendment and the Fourteenth
Amendment of the United States Constitution. Both Justices in the Southern and Eastern District Courts ruled
that the defendants were liable.  

Homelessness is not always caused by misappropriation of one’s funds, but because of lack of jobs, unavailability
of homes in low to moderate income areas. Due to inadequate and antiquated programs, The Department of  
Homeless Services are losing many of their clients to drugs, crime and loss of hope.

It is my desire to seek out properties that have been foreclosed by HUD and using the Faith Based Initiative
Programs under HUD's guidelines to bring about a radical change in policy, through vocational training thus
providing skills and self pride in the clients that are homeless as a result of our economic system.

I have worked with Senator Dan Freezor, Legislator Darlene Harris and the ex-District Attorney Dennis Dillon
to stop gang violence, institute programs to combat illiteracy through the C.L.O.W.N.S Tutorial Program which
was in the Roosevelt Union Free School District and the Roosevelt Public Library. In 1999 I wrote a six hundred
thousand dollar proposal to the US Department of Education. That collaboration was between Discovered Being
Ministry, Incorporated, Roosevelt Union Free School District and the Roosevelt Public Library which was
recommended for funding.
Today I bring you a subject that has affected this nation and all other nations under the sun. That subject is
Discrimination. Whether it be Race, Color, Religion, Disability, Handicap, Familial Status and Gender.  There are
agencies whose sole purpose is to combat discrimination. For example, Housing Urban Development whose purpose is to
eliminate discrimination in housing based on Race, Color, Religion, Disability, Handicap, Familial Status and Gender.
Also this agency is responsible for testing for Racial Steering, Red Lining by real estate brokers, agencies etc. Since
the inception of Housing Urban Development there has been no change as it relates to African Americans seeking
housing support. As a matter of fact Housing Urban Development is now under investigation for using federal funds to
support programs that are racial in policy. Not only are they supporting these programs, but the do it through agencies
such as New York City Department of Homeless Services. Billions of dollars are poured into this agency which
discriminates against religion.

There is a case before the United States District Court, Southern District having the case # of 07-CV-8069 which alleges
viewpoint discrimination by the agency that Housing Urban Development supports. 42 USC 2000d prohibits any
discrimination in any program that receives federal funds. As citizens we realize that  Housing Urban Development has
been stifled by cutbacks set by the congressional budget committee and policy makers to the point that the
investigative process has been turned over to a state agency. One of the agencies is the New York State Division of
Human Rights.   Having your case investigated by this agency is like having a chicken hawk investigate the hen house.
In other words, it is of non-effect. Revamp it or dismantle it and save the tax payers billions of dollars in regard of a top
heavy inundated and inadequate agency. Secondly another agency that I would like to bring to your attention is the
United States Justice Department (Civil Rights Division) whose purpose is to seek out and eliminate discrimination
based on Race, Color, Religion, Disability, Handicap, Familial Status and Gender.

This agency is in trouble. Newspaper articles are written daily concerning the mismanagement and corruption within
the ranks of the agency set for by the government that says for the people and by the people. Citizens, I cannot tell you
how to control an agency that is out of control when the whole nation has allowed civil rights to the be placed on the
back burner and only in severe cases, will you get the determination of probable cause that an act of discrimination has

I have been in civil rights for 35 years. I have dedicated most of my life to assuring citizens that our government is set
up with checks and balances and that there are those who care what your economic situation is and where you stay and
how to protect your right to freedom of expression (religion).

In 1965 I was on the lines with Martin Luther King, Ralph Abernathy, Jesse Jackson, Roy Innis, Julian Bond and
others. Yet the public has forgotten how dogs, water hoses, police batons, church burnings and plain old murder set
precedence during this period.

Editors now are afraid to even mention discrimination but it is still alive and well. I appeal to the people of the this
country to take a look at themselves whether they are White, African American, Hispanic, Chinese, Japanese, Asian,
Indian, Native American, Jew or Gentile all of our lives are being affected by the lack of concern by these agencies who
use our taxes to pay their salaries and live where they want to and we cannot.

As being a Civil Rights Activist I will bring a court case before the United States District Court against Housing Urban
Development alleging violation of 42 USC 2000d,  Revamp or Dismantle this agency.