The Cost of Freedom (Click Here)
Dear Readers:

This page is dedicated to all those that have served in the U.S Army, Air Force,
Marine Corps, Navy, and the Coast Guard. As a Vietnam Veteran, I am very
much aware of the suffering sustained in war. Not only to those that participate
in the war, but the families and loved ones who share the pain of losing a
member of the family or the wounding of a family member.

I am Bishop William B. Caractor, I served with the 173rd Airborne Brigade, 4th
Infantry Division, and the 25th Infantry Division. My MOS was 11B10-1P, I
served in Vietnam from 1966-1968. I carried the M-60 Light Machine Gun, I
know what war is all about.

I am now engaged in a war for souls. To ensure that the Word of God is given to
everyone that will receive it, especially those that served in World War I, World
War II, The Korean Conflict, Vietnam Conflict, Desert Storm, The Gulf War,
Afghanistan,  and those that are fighting to secure freedom for the Iraqi citizens.

May the Love of God and His Grace bring you home safely.

Yours in Jesus Christ,

Bishop William B. Caractor