Today, is a very special day as far as I am concerned. As I reflect on this day,
43 years ago, around 2:35pm my unit was conducting a Search and Destroy
Mission in the Republic of South Vietnam (War zone C). We began to receive
sniper fire that lasted for a few minutes. We Interned called for Artillery Fire.
The enemy ceased their fire and we began to move out. The enemy that we
encountered was the 272nd Hardcore North Vietnamese Infantry Regiment.
They allowed the Point Man, RTO and Officer through the L shaped ambush.
They began to open up with AK-47's, RP G's, and other assorted weapons.
Within the 1st 3 minutes there were 17 KIA's and 42 WIA's.

At the time of this ambush, I was carrying an M-60 Light Machine Gun and I
began to receive heavy fire. I was only 19 years old at the time and I was
afraid. I prayed stating " I do not want to die here. I am half way around the
world". I heard a voice say " You are not going to die here", " I allowed you to
come here to fight this physical war so you can go home and fight my spiritual

As I read the 23 Psalm verse 4 "Yea though I walk through the valley of the
shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff
they comfort me". Truly I was in the shadow of death for bullets, grenades, and
machine gun fire were hitting all around me.The fire fight only lasted 18
minutes and left 63 KIA's and 126 WIA's. Just knowing that God was there in
the midst of that fire fight was comforting and as God promised I am here
fighting God's spiritual battle.

Another low point in my life was 1998, when I was diagnosed with terminal
Colon Cancer and I was hospitalized in the Veterans Hospital, North Port, New
York. I knew that my family loved me and supported me in this fight, but they
could not help me. As Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and prayed so did I.
But God did not heal me right away. I went from 231 lbs to 135 lbs (skin and
bone). But as God promised he would never leave nor forsake me, God healed
me on a Tuesday morning at 1:30am in the year of 1999.

I guess you wonder why I am giving this testimony, It is because God is no
respecter of person. What he did for me in 1967 and 1999 he will do for you. I
often wonder why I had to wait and suffer before I received my healing. God
revealed to me that by my level of faith was it done unto me.

Some of you today are suffering with cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure,
lupus, arthritis, and other infirmities. My advice is reach and touch the hem of
Jesus Christ's garment for He is always standing knocking at the door of your
heart and if you let him come in he will sup with you and you can sup with
Him and he will heal your body and soul.

I do hope that this testimony will touch someones heart and you will reach out
for the Balm Of Gilead for the healing of the nations.
You are Never Alone