John P. Kee-He'll Welcome Me
John P. Kee-Thank You Lord
Lee Willliams-I've Learned to Lean on Jesus
Rev. F.C Barnes & Rev. Janice Brown
- If Jesus Goes With Me I'll Go
The Mighty Clouds of Joy
Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Aretha Franklin and  Rev. James
Cleveland-Mary Don't You Weep
Andrae' Crouch-Soon and Very Soon
Franny J. Crosby and William H.
Doane- Near the Cross
Reverend Thomas A. Dorsey-
Precious Lord
Mighty Clouds Of Joy - Walk Around
Heaven All Day
Mighty Clouds of Joy-I know I've Been
Mighty Clouds of Joy-I Believe I'll
Run On
Thank You Lord for All You've
Done for Me-Walter Hawkins
The Williams Brothers-Pray On My
It's Your Season-Norman Hutchins
Ride The Mighty High-The Mighty
Clouds of Joy
On The Battlefield-Norman