The Struggle for Civil Rights
I lived in the rural south during the time of the segregation where the Jim Crow
Laws were in effect. I  have witnessed dogs biting African Americans as they
participated in the civil rights movement.  Fire hoses were used to control the
crowd gatherings. Men and women were beaten over the head with billy clubs
and dragged off to jail. I can truly say, God has been with us as we have
struggled for Civil Rights.
It is with humility that I dedicate this page to every Civil Rights Activist. Those
that are deceased and those that are living.

Bishop William B. Caractor
I wrote this piece of "Food for Thought" only a few days ago not
realizing that God had revealed to a young man the very thoughts
that I produced in my writing he has placed on video.
Please share this video with others.
Why Us?
Today, I speak on the topic that is sensitive to some and shameful to others, why us? As an African American, who has
learned to live in a society that thrives on the weak and becomes rich from the wealth of others, I do quote History.

Can you imagine being a king in your own land, limited boundaries, customs and traditions unknown to other civilizations?
Your villages are constructed with leaves, straw, and other materials found just a few yards from the village. Your water
supply flows constantly down from the mountains and through the valleys, supplying your community with a continuous
supply of fish. The jungle is filled with all manner of tropical fruit, berries and fowl in which you can sustain your diet. Your
daughters are princesses, your sons are princes. There is no limited amount of royalty. You are surrounded by diamond
mines, gold mines, that has been untapped for centuries. If one needed transportation, he simply captured and tamed an
elephant or built a raft or canoe and traveled by stream.

Then one day, there arises a king, this king is very angry concerning his birthright, and began to slaughter his sisters and
brothers. Those that he did not kill he enslaved, and if that was not enough, he began to sell slaves abroad. Well, with any
trade, there are consequences, the traders began to view the vast amount of wealth to be had from this primitive but
beautiful continent. That continent is Africa. Why us?

There was no disease destroying tribes or nations until the traders came. We know who the traders were. There was no
syphilis, gonorrhea, or any European-type diseases, a simple cold, pneumonia, and fever wiped out millions within most
villages. Why us?

Our women were raped, brought into a country where they became indentured servants, forced to live in squaller, when
once they were queens and princesses, they were brought down to sex objects, used to enhance the slave trade. Why us?

People of color are the majority, yet, we have been led to believe that we are the minority, and as being the minority,
should be discriminated against, and receive less service of any people on earth. Why us?

We would have been content to grow our own food, to raise our own children, to cultivate our own soil, to raise our own
crops, to mine our own diamonds and gold, to create our own free trade market, to pump our own oil, to form our own
Government, to formulate our own laws, to build our own cities, to set in place our own Educational System, yet, we are
still being denied this right. Why us?

After being brought here against our will, to build a nation with the sweat of our brows, and the strength of our backs, to
be discriminated against, whipped, raped, lynched from trees and in the court systems, we still survive. Why us?

This writing to some may seem outdated, but when you enter into the Courtroom, Housing Market, the Educational
System, you find a set of laws for them, and a set of laws for us. You will find a community built for them, and a
community built for us (Segregation). How then, can you say this writing is outdated, or may seem racist? When the same
atrocities are being committed against people of color each and every day. Why us?

May God forgive this nation, and all other nations that were involved with destroying a civilization.